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Oct 5 & 6, 2007

Well the Northern Virginia ProStreet Mafia invaded Ocean City again. Rumors of Digger Claws, Pops and his red 1964 Fairlane, and Sneaky Petes were floating around everywhere. There were a few races, lots of burnouts, tons of talking smack, and fumes of race gas and alcohol. Most folks were hanging around Hooters and the BK near the Gold Coast Mall. Of course Paul was there with his beads trying to get a glimpse. Next Spring should be interesting.

R.I.P. Pops 4/12/08...OC won't be the same without you...

May 17-20, 2007
Is the enforcement of vehicle and driving laws becoming arbitrary and capricious? Many people complained about the harrassment by police while in Ocean City. One man got a ticket for his 7 year old son waving a checkered flag while walking down the street. What was the ticket for? Participation in a speed contest. Yes, it is true. I saw the ticket. Another fellow got an obstruction of vision ticket for his car while the car was not just parked, but on its trailer! This video shows other harrassment. Now, not all of the cops were harrassing the drivers and pedestrians. Some of the cops are "car guys" too and were appropriately exercising their discretion. They were ticketing the people who were causing problems, not just anyone they could.

We are hearing more and more people complaining about the overzealous police. Many people are talking about not coming back to Ocean City, and that would be a shame. This is a fun event that brings thousands of visitors and their money to a beach community when the water is cold and the weather is iffy. This year it was definitely cold and drizzly, but we came down anyway with our car and family. We spent money in the restaurants, gas stations, hotel, go-carts, mini-golf and souvenir stores. Multiply that by the over 3000 "gear heads" plus their families, and you have a lot of $$ that is being chased away by the over-bearing cops.

Wayne Roland Jr and his exceptionally beautiful black and charcoal gray '55 Chevy won the ATI Best Engineered Award.

This is THE BEST stuff!! BTW, if you didn't get your bottle of "pink" or other car care stuff at the Inlet, you can order it off of their web site. Check out Gliptone on the links page. This statement brought to you by Capital Cruisin' as part of our efforts to refer you to nothing but the best.
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