Capital Cruisin' -- Clem's Cruise-In, July 16, 2005

Starting at dawn, area hot rodders began their roaring descent into the sleepy little town of Stephens City, VA. Their destination? The 2005 9th Annual Clem's Garage Cruise In at Newtown Commons Park! In addition, it was the 60th Anniversary of Clem's Garage, Inc. That's right...60 years (1945-2005)! Talk about nostalgia! This year, just as before, there were a ton of cars and specially made "Clem's Bears" were given out to the lucky first 300 cars registered. All throughout the day, spectators and participants could pay to have whoever they wanted "arrested" and thrown into the Newtown Commons jail. Even Dennis Clem, Fred Cheshire, and the Mayor of Stephens City himself were "incarcerated"! Doug Dellinger again did a fantastic job on the artwork for the T-shirts! Thanks to the Clem family and the Valley Cruisers of Winchester for all of the hard work that makes this such a fun and popular event. See y'all next year!!!

Mr. Dennis Clem with his anniversary cupcake.

Clem's BIG cake!

This year's shirt!

This year's Clem's bear!

Jailers at Newtown Commons Jail.

Fred announcing the arrest warrant.

Officer picking up a fugitive.

A fugitive in jail (looking like he is trying to escape!)

The mayor is arrested.

The mayor doing his time in jail.

An assortment of Clem's bears from previous years.

The baby bears up for adoption.

"Beep! Beep!"


Happy winner of the Capital Cruisin' Batman comic giveaway!

Even happier winner of the $500 treasure chest contents!

The line to see if their key will open the treasure chest.

The treasure chest in safekeeping before the opening.

A motley crew if ever I saw one! :-D
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